Save Time and Money Tip #4

One of my UPS units with a short extension cord plugged in. The two wires with lines near them were retouched to reduce clutter, and not actually cut. Photo © Andrew Darlow

Today I’m going to mention a few products, one of which can solve multiple problems. The main item that costs about $2 is a short extension cord, and even though these have been around for many years, I would guess that only a small percentage of people know these exist…

Save Time and Money Tip #3

Screenshot of the Options Screen for the Video Speed Controller Chrome Extension. An arrow is pointing to the location where you can set a “preferred speed.” Just press G to view your videos at that speed.

Today I have a quick tip that has saved me countless hours when watching virtually any video inside of my favorite browser, which is Google Chrome (this applies to the Desktop version of the browser and works on both Mac OS and Windows OS). …

Save Time and Money Tip #2

Three views of my Photos App on iOS 14 and 15 as I “Pinch to Zoom” (from left to right) — Photos © Andrew Darlow (some photos/videos on the left blurred for privacy reasons)

I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN I NOTICED THIS FEATURE! For about the last year (I believe it started in iOS 14), you have been able to make the individual thumbnails in any Photo Album on an iPhone (the app is labeled “Photos”) MUCH LARGER by pinching the screen with your…

Andrew Darlow

Author of four award-winning books. Inventor of the GalleryPouch™ Art Bubble Bag. I help people save time and money, and capture/backup/print their photographs.

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